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Tea in autumn surrounded by maple leaves.

Maple Leaves Tea Magic: A Detailed Exploration

Maple leaves in Japan are famous for their excellent red appearance, especially in the fall. Let’s take a closer look at maple leaves, their related delicacies, and even one of the world’s first maple teas! 

A bunch of kokuto brown sugar cubes.

Kokuto: The Best Okinawa Brown Sugar Snacks

Kokuto (Okinawa’s healthy brown sugar) is one of Okinawa’s best gifts to the world. Produced in Japan’s southernmost tropical islands, it plays a vital role in the local economy, agriculture, and diet.

Jasmine tea and jasmine flowers on a bamboo woven table.

Jasmine Tea and More: Six Okinawa Teas to Savor!

Jasmine, or sanpin tea, is a popular beverage among the people of Okinawa, who are well-known for their long life expectancy. Okinawa also offers guava tea, mugwort tea, turmeric tea, goya tea, and cat whiskers tea.

Grilled eel, smothered in sweet soy sauce, answering the question, "What is unagi".

What is Unagi: Exploring the Rich Delicacy of Grilled Eel

Unagi, or freshwater eel, holds a special place in Japanese cuisine. Its distinct flavor and tender texture have captivated palates for centuries. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind this beloved Japanese culinary treasure!