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Sake cups with amazake inside.

Ochoko: The Best Sake Glass Brilliant History!

When you visit a Japanese restaurant or izakaya and order alcoholic drinks, you may come across ochoko (small sake cup). There is a long history of ochoko in Japanese history, and now in modern times, there are wide varieties of sake cups and glasses that people use to drink sake!

What is shiso, it is a bunch of dark green leaves.

What is Shiso: Japanese Best Traditional Herb!

Although the shiso or perilla leaf originated in China, it has grown wild in Japan since ancient times. Shiso was widely known as a medical herb in China, but it is a traditional herb primarily used in cooking in Japan!

A kokeshi doll dressed in an elaborate kimono in celebration of Girls Day.

Girls Day: The Best Hinamatsuri Treats!

Although people celebrate Christmas and New Year’s worldwide, Japan has certain unique national holidays. You may have heard of Hinamatsuri, often known as the “Doll Festival,” which is a particular occasion for young girls.

A plate of fortune cookies.

Fortune Cookies: They’re Japan’s Best-Kept Secret!

Fortune cookies’ history isn’t what many people think it is, even though they are a staple of Chinese-American food. When it was first made in Kyoto, Japan, in the 1800s, the fortune cookie was called something else.

A plate of Japanese rice snacks, including crispy, brown senbei.

Japanese Rice Snacks: The Best That You Need to Try

You already know that rice is a mainstay of the Japanese diet. Not only do Japanese people have steamed plain rice at meals almost every day, but if you can go to grocery stores in Japan, you can find many rice crackers.

A shot of green noodles or hegisoba.

Green Noodles (Hegisoba): Niigata’s Best Specialty

Hegisoba is a noodle dish specialty from Niigata. It has a unique presentation and a special ingredient that provides a unique texture when you bite it. Let’s look closer at the culinary history behind this fantastic dish, and why is it important.