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Experience 20 new, seasonal Japanese treats every month. Delivered worldwide.

Coming in Your Tochigi Traditions Box

Explore Japan’s sweet and savory offerings beautifully presented across Tochigi prefecture’s rustic, traditional atmosphere.

Travel Back to Japan’s Edo Period

Take a journey through the Edo period’s unique art and culture with specially curated snacks and tea.

Savor Tochigi’s Strawberry Sweets

Delight in the taste of strawberries from the prefecture affectionately named the “Strawberry Kingdom”: Tochigi.

Bold, Unique Flavors

Enjoy thoughtfully crafted traditional Japanese creations with the irresistibly bold flavors of wasabi, sea urchin, and chili.

Uniquely Nikko

Revel in the distinct flavors of anko donuts, yuba chips, and uniquely crafted senbei from the small town of Nikko in Tochigi.

Sakuraco's Tochigi Traditions box stands in front of a dark blue background surrounded by snacks.
A woman in a purple kimono pours aged sencha in a tea cup next to a plate of bekko ame and a furoshiki-wrapped box.
3 strawberry sweets: amaou strawberry almonds, strawberry tiramisu biscuits, and strawberry piccolo dolce.
Crunchy senbei, arare, and senbei sit on a wooden plate.
Anko donuts, yuba chips, and kangoro senbei from Nikko are presented

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20 Authentic Japanese
Snacks, including:

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Japanese Tea

Matcha, Hojicha & Seasonal.

Japanese Cakes

From Castella to Taiyaki.

Mochi, Manju & Yokan

Traditional Japanese Sweets

Seasonal Japanese Treats

Enjoy Sakura, Momiji and more

Sakuraco Exclusives

Senbei and Konpeito by Local Makers

Japanese Home Goods

Ceramics, Chopsticks & Furoshiki.

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