Celebrate people with Sakuraco

Our traditional Japanese snack box corporate gift option is a unique and thoughtful way to do just that.
20 Authentic Japanese Snacks

Carefully curated that showcases Japan's traditions culture through tea and snacks

Flexible Delivery Options

Choose to have your corporate gift box delivered to offices or homes

Flexible Payment Plans

Choose from a one-time box or monthly recurring gift subscription


Loved by companies Google, Microsoft, Meta, Electronic Arts, PwC, Shopify, Dell, Ubisoft, Niantic and Harvard University
Sakuraco's October Snack Box: Kyoto's Crimson Leaves
A woman stands in a beautiful kimono holding October's Box
Ayumi Chikamoto sits with a friend to explain how to enjoy Sakuraco's July snack box
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SNACK box subscription

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Improve relationships through traditional Japanese sweets

Choose Sakuraco as your next corporate gift and give your team a taste of Japan's culture and tradition, while providing them with a delicious and unique gift experience and fostering a positive work culture.

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Bring your teams together

Explore Japan with your staff

Show your appreciation for your employees, and create a lasting impression that will be remembered long after the box is empty.

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colleagues sharing a Sakuraco box
colleagues sharing the contents of their Sakuraco boxes on a video call

Build memorable relationships

Boost Client Retention

Be memorable to your partners by giving thanks through Sakuraco's rich experience of Japanese cuisine and culture.

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