Japanese Gift Box

Give the gift of an authentic and delicious Japanese snack experience with Sakuraco.
Show Someone You Care With Sakuraco!

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just want to let someone know that you're thinking of them, a Sakuraco box makes the perfect present.

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what's in my box

20 Authentic Japanese
Snacks, including:

*This image only features example products.

Japanese Tea

Matcha, Hojicha & Seasonal.

Japanese Cakes

From Castella to Taiyaki.

Mochi, Manju & Yokan

Traditional Japanese Sweets

Seasonal Japanese Treats

Enjoy Sakura, Momiji and more

Sakuraco Exclusives

Senbei and Konpeito by Local Makers

Japanese Home Goods

Ceramics, Chopsticks & Furoshiki.

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Personal Gift Box

The Perfect Gift for All Seasons

Give someone an experience of authentic Japan with a Sakuraco snack gift box.
20 Authentic Japanese Snacks

Enjoy carefully selected traditional snacks, teas and more

24-Page Culture Guide

Discover more about our snacks and makers through the 24-page guide

Ceramic, Chopsticks & Furoshiki

All products are made in Japan, sourced from traditional makers

Choose Your Gift Plan

All of our gift plans come with an option to personalize with a special message. Your recipient will receive a box full of authentic Japanese snacks, teas, and candies made by local makers, along with a 24-page culture guide. Give the gift of traditional culture and tradition.

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More Than Just a Snack Box

You're giving someone more than just delicious treats. You're giving them an experience of Japanese culture and tradition. Each Sakuraco snack box is curated to include a variety of authentic Japanese snacks that are local favorites and hard to find outside of Japan.

The Perfect Gift for Someone Special

Show someone how much you care by giving them a rich experience of Japanese culture, tasting authentic Japanese flavors they love, or have never tried.

A person is handing a Sakuraco box to another person. With Japanese snacks laid out on a table in front of them.

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Coming in your Holidays in Hokkaido Box: delectable display of treats and teas
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Ayumi Chikamoto sits with a friend to explain how to enjoy Sakuraco's snack box
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Ayumi Chikamoto (Sakuraco's CEO) stands in a kimono reading Sakuraco's culture guide
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SNACK box subscription

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SNACK box subscription

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12 Month Subscription
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24-Page Culture Guide that accompanies you on an in-depth journey to explore monthly makers, themed articles, and snack info
Each box includes authentic home goods, including ceramics, chopsticks, & furoshiki sourced from traditional Japanese makers
Hand-packed and shipped directly from Japan


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