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What is Glamping in Japan: Best Five Locations!

Thuy Fang

Thuy Fang


A luxurious tent at a camp that exemplifies what is glamping.

What is glamping? Glamping, a blend of glamour and camping, offers a luxurious and comfortable way to enjoy nature. It’s like staying at a fancy hotel immersed in the beautiful outdoors. Glamping is gaining popularity in Japan and attracts many people seeking a distinctive and upscale way to connect with nature. Let’s look closer at five glamping locations in Japan and why you should visit them!

Nordisk Village (Nagasaki)

Nordisk Village, established in September 2018, is a special place in the beautiful Goto Island of Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyushu. It originated from blending Danish Hygge with Japanese design, creating a perfect balance between simplicity and open-space living. In Asia, Nordisk Village is also the first Scandinavian-style glamping spot, which allows visitors to enjoy luxury camping surrounded by vibrant greenery and nature. 

A tent at Nordisk Valley Goto Islands in Nagasaki. It exemplifies what is glamping.
This glamping site is part of a global chain. Image via Trip Advisor.

All the visitors to this village go glamping in spacious cotton tents equipped with modern amenities. These tents offer a cozy living area and comfortable beds to ensure a good night’s sleep. In the village, there are also a variety of activities to experience. People here usually gather around a cozy campfire, chatting and gazing at the twinkling stars.

Moreover, you can dip in the small pool in this area or admire the picturesque views of nearby beaches like Kojushi and Tao. In addition to many shared kitchens, you can indulge in delicious meals at the TaoFlat Kitchen restaurant. This restaurant consistently serves customers the best fusion of Japanese and Western flavors while using the island’s local ingredients.

Wildbeach Seaside Glamping Park (Chiba)

Wild Beach Seaside Glamping Park is just a half-hour drive from Tokyo. For outdoor enthusiasts, this glamping venue provides a range of exciting activities. It presents opportunities for camping and barbecues on a spacious site extending beyond the sea. 

At Wild Beach, you can stay in comfy and fancy rooms in the heart of nature, as they have all kinds of room styles. Some have a relaxed vintage vibe, and others are super luxurious. There is also a remarkable point called Smart Camp, where you can explore theme parks, visit fascinating places, see famous sights, and even shop.

A glamping dome at Wild Beach Seaside Glamping Park in Chiba.
These are some gorgeous domes at Wild Beach Seaside Park. Image via GlamPicks.

Also, visitors can use premium grilling equipment to have a savory experience with genuine American barbecue in the great outdoors. The barbecue setup resembles one in a fancy resort. Whether on the stunning white sandy beach or the rooftop with a horizon view, it’ll look trendy and incredible in pictures, creating fantastic moments to cherish and remember.

Additionally, Wild Beach Seaside Glamping Park now welcomes visitors in winter. For example, you can enjoy the chilly season warm and cozy by a campfire at the “Firebit Lounge” or in a tent with a helpful heater installed. And you surely don’t want to miss the winter starry sky here!

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Namegata Farmers Village (Ibaraki)

Namegata Farmers Village is a fun and educational place in the heart of Namegata City, well-known for its yummy sweet potatoes. It used to be an old elementary school, but now it’s a fantastic spot for adventure buffs. 

A night scene at a greenhouse in Namegata Farmers Village.
Namegata Farmers Village has many lovely plants. Image via GaijinPot Travel

Indeed, the spot is truly a site where you can eat, have fun, and study all about Japanese farming and beautiful nature. Furthermore, the farm also helps you answer the question, “What is glamping?” by providing a complete glamping adventure. Cabins and tents are usually pre-arranged and ready for your arrival.

In Namegata Famers Village, you can experience planting or gathering sweet potatoes and strawberries firsthand. Plus, a potato-baking lesson is always ready for you to hand on right after you finish digging some sweet potatoes. When you get hungry, you can also relish a yummy barbecue using fresh vegetables from the farm. Everything is so tasty and healthy! 

First Class Backpackers Inn (Hyogo)

If you love blue beaches, this is the place for you! First Class Backpackers Inn, also known as FBI Awaji, is a fantastic camping spot right by the beach on Awaji Island in Japan. There are many accommodations with unique styles, such as cozy rustic cabins and bohemian-style tents. 

A room at First Class Backpackers Inn, that exemplifies what is glamping.
First Class Backpackers Inn has very comfortable cabins. Image via GlamPicks

At this inn, you can participate in numerous unique activities. For instance, chilling by the beachside bar, trying stand-up paddleboarding, and sitting on the deck with a breathtaking ocean view are some exciting things people often do here. Besides, the beach house here is a cafe during the day and a bar at night, which is pretty awesome.

Hatsushima Island Resort (Shizuoka)

Hatsushima Island Resort is such an exceptional location in the hidden gem island. It’s an all-in-one place where you can have a relaxing island experience. For those who adore the ocean, there’s so much to do: snorkeling, diving, fishing, and even a pool on the island to cool off during the summer. And the seafood is also tasty, including fresh sashimi from the sea. If you need more of this fantastic island, they have places to sleep over or have a camping night, like comfy caravans and cozy cottages.

A scene at Hatsushima Island Resort in Shizuoka.
Hatsushima Island is very quaint! Image via TravelFeed

They also have this exclusive forest adventure course called sarutobi if you like adventures. It’s all about climbing trees and ziplining. You can see lovely flowers blooming all year and even luckily catch sight of Mount Fuji on clear days. 

After exploring the famous upscale camping spots, it’s evident that glamping in Japan is not just about having a super fancy camping adventure. It’s also an opportunity to learn new things and connect with nature. Going glamping can be an effective way for urban folks to relieve current stresses and have peaceful moments or discover intriguing things with nature and the ocean. What is glamping to you, and which site on the list do you want to visit the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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