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Where to Get Sakura Snacks for Cherry Blossom Season?

Thalia Harris

Thalia Harris


A plate of sakura warabimochi. It's clear pink, with sakura snacks.

Sakura snacks are cherry blossom-flavored delicacies people eat during the hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season. From early February to late May, locals and tourists enjoy these snacks and bask in the beauty of the pink and white flowers as they flutter across the sky in a soft, spirited haze. 

What are sakura snacks?

Usually, sakura snacks are a lovely shade of bright pink with a light fruity or flowery taste. The most popular traditional sakura snacks include sakura mochi, sakura manju, and hanami dango. Hanami dango is especially popular since it features the perfect spring colors of pink, white, and green!

Picture of hanami dango (pink white green) and pink sakura mochi.
Sakura snacks are very popular during the spring time. Image via Shutterstock

People across Japan gather with family and friends yearly to enjoy these snacks during hanami picnics. While enjoying the food, drink, and spring merriment, they enjoy the cherry blossoms, especially at their favorite sakura spots. Because this season is famous worldwide, many wish to enjoy all that cherry blossoms in Japan have to offer! 

Japanese snack boxes with sakura snacks

Exterior of Sakuraco and Bokksu's boxes. They are both light pink.
Both boxes celebrate sakura snacks.

Many establishments are also passionate about sakura season, curating artisan delicacies that best encapsulate the cherry blossom viewing experience. Two of these establishments’ themes stand out the most for the 2023 season: Sakuraco’s Arrival of Sakura box and Bokksu’s Sakura in Kyoto box!

Who has the better sakura snack box?

Side by side of of Sakuraco and Bokksu's boxes of sakura snacks.
Both boxes have snacks and informational booklets.

Bokksu’s Sakura in Kyoto box debuted in February, while Sakuraco’s Arrival of Sakura box launched on March 16th. Both boxes feature sakura snacks from various locations in Japan and are perfect for afternoon tea and parties. Without further ado, look at each box and see which is perfect for sakurabito (cherry blossom lovers) worldwide!

Snack Selection

Both boxes primarily focus on the famous cherry blossom, but Sakuraco’s curation of limited-edition Japanese snacks is more in-depth. Compared to Bokksu’s humble selection of four sakura snacks, Sakuraco has 18! In addition, though Bokksu’s central theme focuses on Kyoto, only four snacks come from there.

Four sakura snacks surrounding sakura snacks.
Bokksu’s box has four sakura snacks.

Not only does Sakuraco’s curation perfectly capture the cherry blossom experience, but they also come from local artisans specializing in spring wagashi. Moreover, these snacks span Japan’s culinary landscape, ranging from sweet warabimochi to savory cherry blossom leaf senbei.

Sakuraco's booklet surrounded by sakura snacks.
Sakuraco’s “Arrival of Sakura” box has 18 sakura snacks!

While both boxes carry sakura mochi, Sakuraco offers many modern twists on sakura snacks, including shortbread cookies and castella. Bokksu also has traditional Japanese snacks for the season. However, they span multiple flavor profiles, such as matcha, black sesame, and plum.

Three snacks, black sesame yatsuhashi, Uji green tea and plum senbei.
Bokksu has a variety of spring flavors.

24-page Culture Guide

Both boxes contain information booklets about their respective cherry blossom themes. They are colorful and heartfelt and have beautiful descriptions of their items. Bokksu even goes so far as to include a map of each snack’s origin in Japan, which grounds the food in a maker-focused context.

The covers of Sakuraco and Bokksu's booklets.
Both booklets feature the sakura flower!

Nevertheless, Sakuraco places the flower front and center again regarding information about cherry blossom snacks. The first article discusses hanami’s history, and the first three snacks feature sakura warabimochi, konpeito, and castella! On the other hand, Bokksu’s opening snacks include butter potato chips and strawberry gummies, which are fun for picnics in general, especially outside of the cherry blossom season.

Sakuraco's booklet features articles about hanami and Bokksu shows where al sakura snacks come from again.
Both booklets carry a lot of information.

Both booklets are 24 pages long and have articles that discuss local makers. However, Sakuraco takes deeper dives into the makers, focusing on their often multi-generational history! In addition, the visuals vary from breathtaking photographs to stunning woodblock prints. 

Pages of informational booklets featuring sakura snacks.
Sakuraco’s snacks mostly feature cherry blossoms, while Bokksu features various flavors.

Bonus Gifts

A black and pink sakura plate.
All Sakuraco boxes come with a free gift!

Even though cherry blossoms are gorgeous, they only last a few weeks. In addition, the sakura snacks are just as fleeting, and they won’t be available at local stores past April. Luckily, Sakuraco is aware of this, and they included a sakura-themed ceramic dish that will last all year round! Bokksu’s Sakura in Kyoto box does not include such a gift.

Best Sakura Snacks: Conclusion

Sakuraco's Arrival of Spring Box sakura snacks.
Arrival of Sakura has an array of snacks that celebrate the spring.

While Sakuraco and Bokksu offer unique hanami experiences for cherry blossom lovers worldwide, Sakuraco has a thoughtful and immersive selection, information about the hanami season, and a collectible sakura gift. Therefore, Sakuraco’s Arrival of Sakura is the better choice. By enjoying these delicious treats, you, too, can experience the wonderful hanami season.

Bokksu's Sakura in Kyoto box contents laid out on a grid.
Sakura in Kyoto features a variety of spring flavors.

Sakuraco’s Arrival of Sakuraco is available to order from March 16th to April 15th. If you’re looking for delectable sakura snacks, check it out!

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