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Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Best Japanese Gifts from Sakuraco!

Thalia Harris

Thalia Harris


Whether treating yourself or spreading joy to others, this guide is your passport to the Japanese holiday season. Fill the festive season with exquisite snacks, exclusive Japan-only items, and limited edition homewares. Join us at Sakuraco as we celebrate the holiday season with authentic Japanese goods perfect for your holiday gift guide.

Upcoming December 2023 Box: Holidays in Hokkaido

The Holidays in Hokkaido gift box, a feature of this year's holiday gift guide
This box features the best artisanal snacks of Hokkaido!

Unbox festive treats with Sakuraco’s December Box, Holidays in Hokkaido. This month, be ready to be whisked away to the winter wonderland of Hokkaido, Japan’s northern gem known for its snowy landscapes and delectable treats. From its milk and chocolate cookies to baumkuchen, the Holidays in Hokkaido box is a fantastic sample of everything the northern Japanese island offers this holiday season! Discover authentic delights from Hokkaido with carefully curated snacks and teas to bring the wintery holiday magic to your doorstep.

Furoshiki Cloth

Two boxes wrapped in furoshiki cloth
Furoshiki cloth is a gorgeous fabric that can be used in many different ways!

The furoshiki cloth is a timeless piece of Japanese tradition withholds centuries of history. Crafted with precision and adorned with traditional patterns, this cloth symbolizes Japan’s rich cultural heritage. Sign up for Sakuraco three-month subscription plan, and you get a furoshiki cloth for free!

Use the versatile wrap to add an elegant touch as a suitable gift wrap, or explore how it can be fashioned into a stylish accessory! With the furoshiki cloth, we invite you to dive deeper into the heart of Japanese gifting traditions, adding a touch of sophistication and authenticity to your holiday celebrations.

Mt Fuji Glass

A glass tumbler that resembles Mount Fuji, a feature on Sakuraco's holiday gift guide.
This glass tumbler perfectly resembles Japan’s tallest mountain.

Bring one of Japan’s most incredible natural wonders from Japan straight to the comfort of your kitchen. Sign up for a six-month subscription with Sakuraco, and you get an awe-inspiring Mt. Fuji glass for free! With inspiration from the silhouette of Mt Fuji, this custom drinking glass transforms every beverage into a work of art. Each sip is a journey through Japan’s scenic beauty with this Mt. Fuji glass.

Kimono and Yukata

A red kimono robe, a main feature of Sakruaco's holiday gift guide
A kimono robe is suitable for many occasions!

The kimono and its summer counterpart, the yukata, is a traditional Japanese robe suitable for formal and casual occasions! It’s a timeless addition to your wardrobe that you can revel in for years. Explore Sakuraco, sign up for a 12-month subscription, and get your own thoughtfully crafted Kimono made from soft cotton by local artisans in Kyoto for free! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the kimono embodies the essence of traditional Japanese fashion. Use this kimono as both clothing and decoration for your home. Discover the vibrant color range that is perfect for the holiday season!

Japanese Teas and Snacks

A cup of Japanese green tea. Perfect gift for a holiday gift guide
Japanese green tea is famous worldwide for its earthy, umami flavor.

Teas and snacks from Japan are famous worldwide for their high quality, natural ingredients, and artistry. Green tea is one of the most famous types, with powdered matcha as a common ingredient in drinks, pastries, and even chocolate. While matcha has a rich, earthy taste, roasted green tea, or hojicha, is deep and smoky, perfect for a cozy winter evening. Hojicha is even better paired with hard candy and the delectable Japanese confection mochi. This winter, discover traditional hojicha, delicious hard candy, and sweet mochi to warm the holiday season for you and your loved ones.

Explore Japan with Sakuraco’s holiday gift guide!

Discover thoughtfully curated Japanese holiday gifts with Sakuraco for Japanese snacks and homeware that are perfect for the loved ones in your life. From artisanal Hokkaido snacks to traditional Japanese clothing and accessories, this gift-giving season will amaze your family and friends! Share a piece of Japan’s cultural heritage, traditions, and craftsmanship with gifts that reflect the spirit of Japan!

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