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Experience 20 new, seasonal Japanese treats every month. Delivered worldwide.

Coming in June's Box

Sign up by 5/31 and enjoy a refreshing exploration of Japanese summer sweets. Enjoy citrus flavors, fresh jellies and so much more.

Coming in June's Box

Freshen up your palette with sweet and sour Japanese citrus delights. Indulge in citrus infused cakes, tarts and jelly.

Coming in June's Box

Host a summer tea party with Genmaicha tea - paired perfectly with dorayaki and matcha cake. Serve on your seasonal obon serving tray and enjoy.

Coming in June's Box

Cool down with two of our summer favorites. Enjoy the contrast between mellow Mochi Azuki Jelly and tart Japanese Citrus Monaka.

Coming in June's Box

In the mood for a light treat? Hōjicha Warabi Mochi and Matcha Taiyaki are great for a gentle snack or the perfect partner for tea.

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20 Authentic Japanese
Snacks, including:

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Japanese Tea

Matcha, Hojicha & Seasonal.

Japanese Cakes

From Castella to Taiyaki.

Mochi, Manju & Yokan

Traditional Japanese Sweets

Seasonal Japanese Treats

Enjoy Sakura, Momiji and more

Sakuraco Exclusives

Senbei and Konpeito by Local Makers

Japanese Home Goods

Ceramics, Chopsticks & Furoshiki.

+ Your Summer Tea Time Bonus!

Enjoy Sakuraco and a refreshing summer bonus item.
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