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Experience 20 new, seasonal Japanese treats every month. Delivered worldwide.

Coming in May's Box

Sign up by 4/30 and come on a journey with us to the world of mochi. Enjoy authentic mochi, sakura tea and so much more.

Coming in May's Box

Enjoy sweet red bean & mochi porridge with a unique preparation method. Pair with May’s Japan-made sakura owan bowl.

Coming in May's Box

Think pink with these sakura and plum mochi treats. Sweet, sour and elegant - these chewy rice cakes are irresistible.

Coming in May's Box

Refreshingly bitter, enjoy Sencha tea with an aroma of sakura. Pair with a Sakura Cream Sandwich for an unforgettable experience.

Coming in May's Box

Don’t miss the flavors of Japanese spring in these moist cakes. Enjoy Sakura Baumkuchen, Sakura Sable, Fig Dorayaki & much more.

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20 Authentic Japanese
Snacks, including:

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Japanese Tea

Matcha, Hojicha & Seasonal.

Japanese Cakes

From Castella to Taiyaki.

Mochi, Manju & Yokan

Traditional Japanese Sweets

Seasonal Japanese Treats

Enjoy Sakura, Momiji and more

Sakuraco Exclusives

Senbei and Konpeito by Local Makers

Japanese Home Goods

Ceramics, Chopsticks & Furoshiki.

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