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A mighty cracker with a lot of crunch, Senbei, or Japanese Rice Crackers, are a much loved light snack here in Japan. Due to the easy to eat nature, they make the perfect sharing snack to offer guests over tea. Soy Sauce is a popular senbei flavor, but curry senbei and sweet senbei are also incredibly popular!

Share a Senbei With Us!

Whether you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or dig into something savory, Sakuraco's monthly senbei selection will provide you with a much needed crunch.


How Many Years Have Senbei Been In Japan?

Roughly 1500 years. They were thought to have been brought in from China.

Senbei Coming To Sakuraco

Nori Senbei
Sesame Senbei
Curry Senbei
Ebi Senbei
Sweet Senbei
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