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No Japanese sweet is iconic as mochi. But what is mochi? Simply put, it's a chewy rice cake. To make mochi you first steam rice, then pound until it can be shaped and eaten. Mochi works amazingly well with and is often paired with a wide variety of sweet and savory flavors, including Sakura.

A popular style of enjoying mochi is daifuku (大福), a mochi dumpling with a sweet filling. Azuki (red bean) is a popular filling, but you can find fruit and even ice cream daifuku!

Anyone for mochi?

Indulge in chewy mochi with Sakuraco. From refined kuzumochi, to addictive warabi mochi, let us bring you a whole new world of delicious mochi every month. Are you ready?


According to folklore, what animal makes mochi on the moon?

A rabbit. The folklore originated in China but is widely known in Japan.

Mochi You Might Find In Sakuraco

Mitarashi Dango
Sakura Mochi
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