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Japanese Tea

Tea is the most beloved beverage in Japan. And for good reason. Some of the world's most delicious tea is grown in Japan. Shizuoka, Kagoshima and Uji in Kyoto (famous for Uji Matcha) are known tea hotspots.

Often Japanese tea is made using all natural ingredients, with ingredients being preserved in salt, roasted or pickled. Thus making salty, rich and slightly sour tea common in Japan.

From elegant matcha used in traditional tea ceremonies, to sweet, roasted hojicha tea enjoyed on cold days, Japan is truly a tea drinker's wonderland.

Time for Tea

Not sure where to start with Japanese tea? Allow us to give you our recommendations with new tea in your Sakuraco box every month. Enjoy seasonal tea, like sakura, matcha, hojicha and so much more.


Which Country Drink's The Most Tea In The World?

The UK. Japan ranked as number 11 in the world though!

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