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Japanese Cakes

From fluffy Japanese cheesecake to elegant matcha infused cakes, Japanese cakes are beloved worldwide. Typically Japanese cakes are less sweet than Western cakes and often take inspiration from wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets). Both western and Japanese cakes, such as Castella from Nagasaki, adopt well-balanced flavors, perfectly matching Japanese tastes.

Let Them Eat Cake

Every month, the Sakuraco team hand selects delicious Japanese cakes that pair perfectly with a hot drink. We love highlighting seasonal flavors, such as Sakura, and mixing sweet and rich flavor profiles to give you a balanced and unique tasting experience.


When do you eat a Christmas cake in Japan?

Dec 24th. Often thought of a romantic night, people often share Christmas cakes on dates.

Japanese Cakes Coming In Sakuraco

Japanese Waffles
Roll Cake
Japanese Donuts
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