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Japanese home goods have mastered the balanced between function and beauty. Featuring unique, minimalist, geometric and nature inspired patterns, Japanese ceramics, fabrics and kitchen goods such as chopsticks are the staple of every home. From Furoshiki (Japanese cloth wrapping) to Yunomi (Japanese tea cups), home goods rooted in history are still very much a part of modern life in Japan.

Enjoy Japanese Style

Sakuraco is not just about introducing you to new food experience. We love sharing useful, Japan exclusive home goods and accessories, to give you a lasting piece of Japan that you can keep forever.

All products are made in Japan, sourced from traditional makers such as Gifu-based Yamani, which boasts over 120 years of history.


80% of Japan's Chopsticks Are Made in Which City?

80% of Japan’s chopsticks are made in Obama, Fukui Prefecture.

Homegoods Coming To Sakuraco

Japanese Ceramics
Japanese Cups (Yunomi)
Renge (Japanese Soup Spoon)
Japanese Chopsticks
Furoshiki (Japanese Wrap)
Chopstick Holder
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