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Japanese Sweets

Japan has a long (and delicious) history with candy making. Perhaps the most iconic is Konpeito. Konpeito is Japanese sugar candy, made in the shape of small stars with a wide range of vibrant colors. Alongside ramune candy and rock candy, Konpeito proves to be one of the most addictive candies for both children and adults alike thanks to it's gentle sweetness.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Let you inner child free and enjoy a variety of colorful and cute Japanese candy with Sakuraco. With Japanese's candy being not too sweet, Sakuraco's candy and Konpeito selection make for a fantastic light snack you will not be able to put down,


Where Does Konpeito Originally Come From?

Portugal. Konpeito made it into Japan in the 16th century through trade with Portugal.

Candy Coming To Sakuraco

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