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Sendai and Other Amazing Places for Sakura Sighting!

Savannah Walker

Savannah Walker


A train in Sendai surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Discover the often-overlooked wonders where cherry blossoms unfurl their captivating beauty in tranquil elegance. The layers of charm in Sendai and other underrated destinations are unveiled, celebrating the elegant dance of sakura petals in places that might have gone unnoticed by many. 

There’s picturesque landscapes at Mikamine Park, Nishi Park, and Shiroishi Riverside in Sendai. We can also cruise along the serene Funakawa and Matsukawa Rivers in Toyama. And we can marvel at the blossoms gracing Hikone and Nagahama Castles in Shiga. In addition, we can bask in the sakura spectacle at Nakijin Castle and Mt Yae in Okinawa. Finally, we can find bliss amidst the floral wonders of Mano Park on the enchanting Sado Island.


Sendai is located in Miyagi Prefecture, near the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its Sendai Station and delicious beef tongue dish. But the city has a secret: its stunning cherry blossoms. The Hirose River flows through the city and is decorated with cherry blossoms. The city’s parks are also adorned with cherry blossoms, making them look like nature’s crown jewels. As a result, these flowers bring a sense of tranquility and charm to Sendai, often associated with a bustling city narrative.

Bird's eye view of cherry blossoms in Sendai.
Sendai is home to many parks with lots of trees. Image via Shutterstock

Amidst the city of trees, Sendai boasts enchanting spots that bloom with the soft hues of cherry blossoms. Mikamine Park, with its zelkova trees lining the paths, especially offers a picturesque setting for hanami—the traditional cherry blossom viewing. There’s also Nishi Park, nestled on the western side of Sendai City, is a haven where the fleeting beauty of sakura complements nature’s embrace. Finally, the Shiroishi Riverside completes this, where the riverbanks transform into a canvas painted with cherry blossoms, creating a serene backdrop for a stroll.


Cherry blossoms on a river in Toyama.
Toyama has many enchanting rivers. Image via Shutterstock

Venturing to Toyama, we find lesser-known sakura delights. Along the Funakawa River, cherry blossoms bloom quietly, creating a scenic riverside retreat. Not to mention, the Matsukawa River, meandering through Toyama City, becomes a corridor of sakura, offering a tranquil escape for those seeking the beauty of blossoms away from the crowds. Finally, in Takaoka Kojo Park, the blossoms around the historic castle add a touch of elegance to the city’s landscape, creating a haven for those seeking a serene sakura experience.


Cherry blossoms in Shiga.
There are beautiful cherry blossoms by Shiga Castle! Image via Shutterstock

Shiga Prefecture, famous for its stunning lakes, harbors, and underrated sakura gems. Meanwhile, at Hikone Castle, the cherry blossoms unfold against the backdrop of a feudal lord’s stronghold, creating a fusion of history and nature. Moreover, Kaizu Osaki, located on the shores of Lake Biwa, offers a lakeside spectacle where sakura petals dance in the breeze. Additionally, Nagahama Castle and Hokoen Park complete this trifecta of cherry blossom wonders, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the sakura splendor of Shiga.


Spring flowers in Okinawa.,
Cherry blossoms in Okinawa originally came from Taiwan. Image via Shutterstock

In Okinawa, Japan’s southern reaches reveal a different facet of sakura charm. First, there’s Nakijin Castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with cherry blossoms adorning its walls. The castle’s historical richness is combined with the fleeting beauty of sakura. Moreover, Mt Yae is a tall mountain in Okinawa that offers a panoramic view of cherry blossoms. It adds a touch of subtropical allure to the sakura experience.

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Sado Island

A cherry blossoms on an island.
Spring in Sado Island is also beautiful! Image via Shutterstock

Mano Park also emerges as an underrated sakura haven on the distant shores of Sado Island, where the Sea of Japan cradles the landscape. Away from the mainland’s bustling crowds, this park becomes a sanctuary for those seeking a tranquil sakura retreat. The blossoms in Mano Park undoubtedly create a serene ambiance. This is because it invites visitors to experience the timeless beauty of cherry blossoms in a setting that feels like a secret garden.

Why are places like Sendai good for seeing cherry blossoms? 

Overall, Sendai and these underrated sites present a unique opportunity to witness cherry blossoms in a more intimate setting. Unlike the crowded hanami spots, these locations offer a serene ambiance. As a result, it allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of sakura without the hustle and bustle.

A train in Sendai.
Which city would you like to go to to experience cherry blossoms? Image via Shutterstock

The city of trees, Sendai, with its cherry blossom-lined riverbanks and parks, provides a tranquil backdrop for hanami enthusiasts. Also, the zelkova trees in Mikamine Park, the quiet charm of Nishi Park, and the scenic beauty of Shiroishi Riverside collectively create a floral symphony that captivates the soul.

Why are cherry blossoms beautiful?

All in all, the beauty of cherry blossoms extends beyond the well-known spots. This spring, we encourage you to discover the sakura secrets that nature lovingly reveals in these quieter corners. As we conclude our journey through these underrated sakura sites, we invite you to share your experiences and thoughts. Have you explored these hidden gems or planned to celebrate the sakura season elsewhere? Leave a comment below, and let the conversation bloom like the sakura petals!

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