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Innovation Rooted in Humble Beginnings

Morihaku Seika initially started as a dry cleaning store in 1935.

However, due to a fortuitous turn of events following the Second World War, Morihaku Seika was reborn as a company dedicated to making Japanese sweets and snacks.

Today, they pride themselves on their innovative, award-winning flavors. They are always looking to break the mold and create new twists on classic Japanese snacks to excite their customers, led by CEO Mitsuhiro Mori.

Today, they have created over 40 unique flavors of arare, perfectly blending the modern and traditional.

Discover Japanese Sweets with Unique Twists.
Sakuraco is proud to partner with Morihaku Seika to bring you unique sweets from this beloved maker. Find out what makers are featured in this month’s upcoming box.
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