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Craftsmanship Rooted in Tradition

For over 150 years, Bairindo has been delighting the people of Saitama.

In particular their SakuSaku senbei, made with fresh ingredients, love and care, and their luxuriously soft Yawaraka cookie have placed them on the map.

At the heart of this business, passed down from generation to generation, is the people involved. CEO Ryota Kuribara not only highly values the experience of his customers,

but he also makes a special effort to motivate those who make Bairindo’s sweets with heartfelt letters.

Experience sweets, generations in the making.
Bairindo is excited to share their confectionery with the world through Sakuraco. Find out what is coming in this month’s upcoming box.
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New Snacks and Makers Each Month

Sakuraco delivers to your door the experience of tasting authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas sourced directly from centuries old family makers.

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