April 2021: Matcha Moments


This Month's Box

Sakura Yunomi
Golden Plum Tea x2
Matcha Azuki Waffle
Matcha Mochi
Soft Milk & Strawberry Baumkuchen x2
Matcha Pudding
Matcha Yokan Roll Cake x2
Matcha Mochi Monaka x2
Sakura Karinto
Yamecha Monaka
Matcha Kintsuba
Plum Yokan x2
Matcha Senbei
Sakura Sugar Candy x2
what's in my box

20 Authentic Japanese
Snacks, including:

*This image only features example products.

Japanese Tea

Matcha, Hojicha & Seasonal.

Japanese Cakes

From Castella to Taiyaki.

Mochi, Manju & Yokan

Traditional Japanese Sweets

Seasonal Japanese Treats

Enjoy Sakura, Momiji and more

Sakuraco Exclusives

Senbei and Konpeito by Local Makers

Japanese Home Goods

Ceramics, Chopsticks & Furoshiki.

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April 2021: Matcha Moments