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​​A Quick Guide to Kyoto Sweets

Kyoto is one of the most popular destinations in Japan as it is a city that blends the best of Japanese culture, history and natural landscapes. Apart from that, Kyoto is also an excellent destination to satisfy your sweet tooth as it offers some of the best Japanese wagashi – traditional Japanese sweets. Kyoto sweets are crafted to be as pleasing to the sight as to the taste. 

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A photogaph of a man hiding some roses and gifts behind his back for White Day.

What is Japan’s White Day?-March 14th

Have you ever heard of White Day? It’s a celebration that takes place every year on March 14th, and it’s complementary to Valentine’s Day, which takes place on February 14th. While Valentines Day in Japan involves women given chocolates to men, White Day is when men have to return the favor. However, the secret meanings behind these sweets are entirely different! Read on to learn more about the significance of gift-giving on White Day!

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Valentine’s Day in Japan: Giri & Honmei Choco

Valentine’s Day in Japan consists of two main treats: giri-choco for the colleagues, and honmei choco for the loved ones. There is a simple reason for that: Chocolate introduced Valentine’s Day to the country in the first place.

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Japanese Coffee Jelly: A Sweet Staple From the 60s

Head to any kissaten (old-style coffee shop) in Japan, and chances are you’ll spot kohii zerii (coffee jelly) on the menu. A staple of Japanese coffee shops since the 1960s, Japanese coffee jelly has become so popular over the years that you can even spot it readymade in the chilled section in convenience stores.

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