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​​A Quick Guide to Kyoto Sweets

Kyoto is one of the most popular destinations in Japan as it is a city that blends the best of Japanese culture, history and natural landscapes. Apart from that, Kyoto is also an excellent destination to satisfy your sweet tooth as it offers some of the best Japanese wagashi – traditional Japanese sweets. Kyoto sweets are crafted to be as pleasing to the sight as to the taste. 

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What is a Kitsune? Japan’s Shape-Shifting Trickster

When we think of Japanese yokai (spirits), we usually think of the creepy Japanese ghosts that have become very popular abroad. However, the Japanese kitsune (fox) has been a staple of Japanese mythology for a very long time, continuing to make appearances in Japanese media even now.

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Japanese Onsen Towns: Traveling From Hokkaido to Kyushu

Onsen (Japanese hot springs) towns are little resort areas whose main features are their hot springs and hospitality. Many tourists flock to these areas when they want to get a break from the city, look for a health retreat, or just want to soak in each area’s famous waters!

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