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A woman laughing at one of many Japan ski resorts.

Japan Ski Resorts: The Five Best Places to Check Out!

If you’re seeking a fantastic adventure on the slopes, look no further! From the picturesque Japanese Alps to the snowy landscapes of Hokkaido, here are the top five destinations promising unforgettable moments. Let your winter fun begin!

Kobe, a port city in Hyogo Prefecture. The Kobe Port Tower is visible.

Port City Wonders: Five Enchanting Cities on the Water

Japan, a land of beauty and rich culture, boasts a coastline with numerous port cities that have played significant roles in the nation’s growth. From the snowy mountains to the southern shores, each port city has a unique story.

A mountain burning festival in Nara, Japan.

Nara Japan and its Splendor of Mountain Burning Festivals

Yamayaki (山焼き) is a centuries-old Japanese custom in Nara, Japan that involves ceremonially setting fire to mountainsides. Translated as “mountain burning,” the spectacular ceremony continues a tradition whose origins have been clouded by the passage of time.