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A moon festival in Nagasaki.

The Moon Festival: Best Places for Japan’s Tsukimi Events!

Since the beginning of human origins, people have celebrated celestial objects like the sun, moon, and stars. In East Asia, one of these celebrations is the mid-autumn moon festival. Here is everything you need to know about how people celebrate it in Japan.

A light pouring down in Blue Cave in Okinawa.

The Blue Cave and More: Best Five Caves in Japan!

The Blue Cave in Japan is an absolute must-see for those who love the deeper side of nature. The sprawling network of caves in Japan is a part of the vast collection of the country’s gorgeous natural wonders.

A boat in a lake in Arashiyama.

Climate in Japan: Everything You Need to Know

Climate in Japan is as diverse as its culture. Japan offers a fascinating array of weather. Japan has four seasons, but three distinct zones can also define the country’s climate..