Author: Tokyo Terry

A blue and gray wabi sabi flower vase.

Wabi Sabi: The Best Natural Japanese Aesthetic

Wabi sabi is so ever-present in Japan that you may not even notice it when you see it. What is it? How did it become so inseparable from Japanese culture? Why is it so popular down there?

A small kappa statue sits on top of water lilies. It is a legendary mythical creature.

Best Mythical Creatures of Japan: Water Edition

From yokai to feminine creatures, mythical creatures are colorful backdrops to common folklore. Here, we will take a closer look at mythical creatures that rule over the element of water.

A branch of the pink peach blossom on a tree./

Peach Blossom: The Best Japanese Flower

The peach blossom is one of the most beautiful flowers in Japan. It blooms in the late winter, and many confuse it with cherry blossoms. However, these flowers come in pink and white. They bloom all over Japan and are breathtaking.