Author: Thuy Fang

A plate of dark, red bean uiro mochi.

Uiro Mochi: The Amazing Traditional Steamed Cake 

Japan is a sweet rice cake paradise, ranging from lovely daifuku mochi (sweet sticky rice cake) to crispy senbei (dry rice cake). Uiro is one of the oldest mochi cakes with a unique shape and flavor.

A tall, red and gold pagoda in Tochigi, a nature wonder.

Natural Wonder Best Highlights: Tochigi Prefecture

The natural wonder is present throughout Tochigi Prefecture. This makes it a favorite destination for many outdoor enthusiasts and worldwide tourists. Significantly, the mountainous northern region of Tochigi is famous in Japan.

A traditional Japanese shrine near a sakura tree of Japan.

Sakura of Japan: Best Top Nine Cherry Blossoms

Sakura has become a cultural symbol associated with many traditional Japanese activities in spring, including the custom of hanami (flower viewing). Most types of cherry blossoms have their unique beauty and different flowering times.

A gorgeous shot of a fireworks display in Yokohama.

Five Must-See Festivals in Yokohama

When we talk about Japanese festivals, the Yokohama festivals should come to mind for avid fans of Japanese culture. Let’s talk more about the five must-see festivals in Yokohama.