Author: James Lau

A person holding a glass of Hokkaido milk with cows in the food.

Hokkaido Milk: A Complete Guide for Beginners!

Hokkaido milk is a delight to the senses, a silky drink that goes beyond ordinary dairy. We’ll explore what sets it apart, the manufacturing process, and the delicious products that have made Hokkaido dairy famous worldwide.

Kobe, a port city in Hyogo Prefecture. The Kobe Port Tower is visible.

Port City Wonders: Five Enchanting Cities on the Water

Japan, a land of beauty and rich culture, boasts a coastline with numerous port cities that have played significant roles in the nation’s growth. From the snowy mountains to the southern shores, each port city has a unique story.

One of many pearl divers, diving for pearls.

Pearl Divers: Exploring the Fascinating World of Ama

In coastal Japan, ama pearl divers, remarkable women, have practiced their craft for over two millennia. These fearless sea women collect pearls and treasures from ocean depths using exceptional breath-holding abilities.

Grilled eel, smothered in sweet soy sauce, answering the question, "What is unagi".

What is Unagi: Exploring the Rich Delicacy of Grilled Eel

Unagi, or freshwater eel, holds a special place in Japanese cuisine. Its distinct flavor and tender texture have captivated palates for centuries. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind this beloved Japanese culinary treasure!