Day: May 10, 2023

A bowl of strawberries in Japan, answering "are strawberries a fruit".

Are Strawberries a Fruit–In the Winter?

Strawberries are a winter fruit in Japan instead of a summer fruit in the West. Because many farmers in Japan use unique agricultural techniques , Japanese strawberries are very popular year-round! 

A woman wearing an indigo blue yukata while holding a blue uchiwa fan.

Yukata vs. Kimono: The Best Summer Guide

Japanese culture is full of unique traditions and customs, and one of its most iconic and recognizable aspects is the traditional clothing worn by Japanese people. Two of the most famous examples of Japanese clothing are the yukata and the kimono.

A sliced, ripe melon, one of many fruits in Japan.

Fruits in Japan: Why Do People Treasure Them?

Fruits in Japan are admired for their sheer beauty and for the value that they hold in Japan’s distinctive culture. These luscious fruits are a gem to the Japanese people, from cube watermelons, white strawberries, and plump jewel-like grapes.