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Japanese Milk Pudding: An Easy How-to Guide

For many people, the words ‘Japanese pudding’ make them think of Mt. Fuji-shaped yellow pudding topped with a caramel sauce. However, Japanese milk pudding is just as delicious with a simpler and lighter taste. It is a dessert that visitors fall in love with, and Japanese people living abroad often miss.

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Kutani Ware: Japan’s Colorful Ceramic Style

In the world of Japanese ceramics, Japanese porcelain often sticks out as reigning supreme. The classic Imari ware combined white and blue to make beautiful pieces, popular around the world. However, Kutani ware is another signature Japanese style that stands out with its unique color combinations and interesting history. 

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Kyushu Ramen: An Island’s Impact on Ramen

Japan has a history of putting their unique and delicious spin on different foods. After Chinese ramen (wheat noodles) was introduced between the late 1800s to early 1900s, the popular noodle dish was quickly adapted to the Japanese flavor palette and became its own style of noodle with many types, including Kyushu ramen. 

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