One of many pearl divers, diving for pearls.

Pearl Divers: Exploring the Fascinating World of Ama

In coastal Japan, ama pearl divers, remarkable women, have practiced their craft for over two millennia. These fearless sea women collect pearls and treasures from ocean depths using exceptional breath-holding abilities.

A mountain burning festival in Nara, Japan.

Nara Japan and its Splendor of Mountain Burning Festivals

Yamayaki (山焼き) is a centuries-old Japanese custom in Nara, Japan that involves ceremonially setting fire to mountainsides. Translated as “mountain burning,” the spectacular ceremony continues a tradition whose origins have been clouded by the passage of time.

A taiko drummer at one of the Okinawa festivals.

The Okinawa Festival: Five Great Events to Discover!

Okinawa festivals will surely please people of all ages, as there’s something to suit every taste and preference. The island is packed with must-see events throughout the year, from centuries-old festivals to seasonal festivitie!