A gorgeous shot of a fireworks display in Yokohama.

Five Must-See Festivals in Yokohama

When we talk about Japanese festivals, the Yokohama festivals should come to mind for avid fans of Japanese culture. Let’s talk more about the five must-see festivals in Yokohama.

A woodblock print of a kabuki actor, who is playing the rough and rowdy hero with intense face paint.

A Complete Guide to Kabuki Theater

Kabuki is a genre of traditional Japanese theater. It is widely known for its elaborate costumes, vivid makeup and stylized acting.

Two women stand at a Nagashi somen trough holding the noodle broth and chopsticks, with one woman grabbing noodles from the flowing water

What is Nagashi Somen? Japan’s Unique Dining Experience

When the air temperature and humidity rises in summer, it’s easy to lose your appetite, a common part of summer fatigue. At this time, all you need is a mild, refreshing dish that will help calm your upset body from the unpleasant hot weather.